The Smashing Pumpkins Announce Sequel to Two Classic Albums, Closing Out a Trilogy

The world is a vampire…

If the impending album Cyr wasn’t enough - and lest we forget that it’s coming before we know it; on November 27th, to be exact - it appears as though The Smashing Pumpkins are closing a decades-old narrative arc following this latest double album. In a livestream, William Patrick Corgan broke the news that the next effort by the alt-rock legends will be the final installment in a trilogy, with parts one and two being Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness and Machina: The Machines of God, which celebrate their 25th and 20th anniversaries this year, respectively.

Said third album in the arc would be thirty-three tracks, ironically a number which shares a track title on MCIS. As was the case for the first two installments, the album would be a rock opera, according to Corgan. How this man finds the time between this and managing the National Wrestling Alliance is beyond me, but more power to him.

In addition, once the pandemic is in the rear view mirror, the band intends to tour on the anniversary of MCIS, which gave us Nineties rock classics such as “Tonight, Tonight,” “1979,” and “Bullet with Butterfly Wings.”

Watch WPC’s full announcement of the massive rock opera below:

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