The Soundtracks For The First Two 'Resident Evil' Games Are On Limited Color Vinyl via Laced Records

The 25th anniversary of the original Resident Evil game has come and gone, but the festivities are far from over. Between a new film adaptation coming this fall, the eighth installment in the core game franchise, and an anime series coming to Netflix, the stories of the mysterious T-virus are going to be all over this year (and possibly then some).

As the seminal survival horror game, one thing that the original game not only did well, but set a standard for in gaming, was its ominous soundtrack. The Capcom Sound Team of Makoto Tomozawa, Akira Kaida, and Masami Ueda composed the score for the 1996 original, top to bottom. For the second game in 1998, Ueda was joined by Shusaku Uchiyama and Shun Nishigaki, this time employing a more ambient, industrial score. While these soundtracks have been released on vinyl before, Laced Records have released a new limited edition colored vinyl in celebration of the silver anniversary of this gold standard of horror.

Laced Records is releasing these sets in celebration of their fifth birthday. These new versions are colored blue for Resident Evil and red for Resident Evil 2. Each set is a 2LP 180g vinyl, packaged in a double gatefold sleeve. They are currently retailing for $35 USD apiece.

The soundtrack for the first game is taken from the 2002 GameCube port, and the track listing is as follows:

Side A

1 Nightmare

2 Prologue

3 Shot in the Silence

4 Evil Dead

5 Terror-1

6 Hunted!

7 Disappearance

8 Deathtrap

9 Terror-2

10 Lost in Darkness

11 Terror-3

12 A Casualty

13 Terror-4

Side B

14 Save Theme

15 Vacant Room

16 Narrow and Close

17 Sigh of Relief

18 The Encounter

19 Ivies' Domain

20 Talking to Yourself?

21 Cold Water

22 Sacrifice

23 Neptune

24 Vines of Wrath

25 Plant 42

Side C

26 Deception

27 New Threat

28 Rush of Fear

29 Rush of Horror

30 Underground

31 Bravo Captain

32 Room of Lisa

33 Question of Trust

Side D

34 Memento

35 The Depth

36 Concrete Bound

37 Secret Revealed

38 Double-Cross

39 The Awakening

40 Tyrant-1

41 Countdown

42 Tyrant-2

43 Epilogue

44 Ending Credits

The track listing for Resident Evil 2’s soundtrack reads as follows:

Side A

1. The Beginning Of Story

2. Annette's Recollection

3. Normal End Title

4. Special End Title

5. Credit Line Of Whole Staff

6. Prologue

7. Raccoon City

8. The Front Hall

Side B

9. The First Floor

10. The Second Floor

11. Secure Place

12. Leon with Claire

13. The Library

14. Sherry's Theme

15. The Basement Of Police Station

16. T-A

17. The First Malformation of G

18. Ada's Theme

Side C

19. The Marshalling Yard (The First Half)

20. The Marshalling Yard (The Latter Half)

21. The Second Malformation of G

22. The Underground Laboratory

23. Is Ada Spy!?

24. Escape From Laboratory

Side D

25. Good Bye, Leon

26. Mother

27. One More Kiss

28. T-B

29. The Third Malformation of G

30. And After That...

31. Credit Line

To order yours, head over to Laced Records’ website.