Heart-Wrenching Drama 'The Swerve' Gets New Trailer Ahead of September VOD Release

The Swerve New Trailer Dean Kapsalis

After having its world premiere at last year's Cinepocalypse Film Festival, Epic Pictures will be bringing writer/director Dean Kapsalis’s harrowing psychological debut The Swerve to VOD platforms on September 22nd, 2020.

Ahead of the release, MovieWeb has shared a brand new trailer. Watch it below.

"Both a stellar portrait of depression and a horrific drama, this haunting update on a classical tragedy comes from a new writer/director who was raised on the films of Polanski, Hitchcock and Bergman."

In The Swerve, "Holly seems to have it all: two kids, a nice house, a good job as a teacher, and a husband with an upwardly mobile career. But there are troubling signs that all is not right in her world thanks to a combination of insomnia and the disturbing dreams that result from the medication she takes for it. But are they even dreams, and what is it that finally sends her spiraling out of control?"

Ashley Bell and Zach Rand also star.

In their review, Lucas Liner stated, "The Swerve moves from familial melodrama to harrowing psychological thriller almost seamlessly. There's not a scene that feels out of place or that drones on for too long without good reason."