[Images] A Desperate Woman Uses Black Magic to Resurrect 'The Thing Behind the Door'

The Thing Behind the Door Images Poster

Phase 4 Productions has shared a couple of images and new poster artwork for French filmmaker Fabrice Blin's debut feature The Thing Behind the Door (La Chose Derriere la Porte), which is currently receiving finishing touches in post-production.

"The Thing Behind the Door tells the story of Adèle, a young woman who’s literally haunted by the death of her husband, killed in a trench during World War I. Desperate and unable to face this tragic loss, Adèle turns to black magic in the hope to bring her lover back. The miracle will happen, but Adèle will have to pay the price for opening this Pandora’s Box."

The film stars Séverine Ferrer, David Doukhan, Fabien Jegoudez, Quentin Surtel and Yves Lecat.

The movie is being targeted for festival play in 2021.

Blin has directed several short films that have toured worldwide festivals, including Monsieur Méchant and Mandragore. He also directed the documentary Super 8 Madness!.