'Thirteen Ghosts' Filmmakers Taking Part in YouTube Watch Party and Q&A This Saturday

Thirteen Ghosts YouTube Watch Party

Thirteen Ghosts, commonly stylized as Thir13en Ghosts, is one of the very few remakes that's actually beloved by most horror fans, Steve Beck's monster-filled take on William Castle's clever and timeless 1960 film of the same name is headed to Collector's Edition Blu-ray later this year from Scream Factory, but ahead of that release, a few of the filmmakers will be taking part in a YouTube watch party and live Q&A tomorrow, June 13th!

Hosted by Nostalgia Nebula, the free watch party will allow fans to learn about the making of the 2001 film with writer Neal Marshall Stevens, prop master Dean Eilertson, production designer Sean Hargreaves and composer John Frizzell as they comment on the film live and take your questions in the stream's comment section!

The watch party begins at 4pm PST on Saturday, June 13th. Please note that the film will not actually be streamed during the event, so you'll have to watch your own copy of the film if you wish to participate.

This free watch party is in benefit of the non-profit art house theater, The Frida Cinema. Please consider donating today.

The video, which goes live tomorrow, is embedded below.