Throwback Fantasy Thriller Short 'Goodnight, Halloween' Is a Timely and Charming Treat [Video]

While we're still trying to cope with the fact that Halloween has already came and gone, we've come across a pleasant and timely little short from Faster Productions titled Goodnight, Halloween, which premiered on YouTube at the end of October.

The fantasy thriller is described as "Clive Barker's Nightbreed meets The Diary of Anne Frank through an '80s John Carpenter prism."

"Daily death figures. People locked down, hiding, communicating via webcams. A divided nation. A right wing agenda pulling the strings of government with populist politics. Welcome to alternate Detroit in 1986. Welcome to the world of Goodnight, Halloween."

Goodnight, Halloween hails from award-winning writer/director Luther Bhogal-Jones. In this alternate world Halloween creatures have coexisted with mankind for all time, but now a forced government policy has removed their rights and allowed human citizens to exterminate them without consequence. The creatures have been forced into hiding and forged uneasy alliances between competing different species, all with their own agendas. A ray of hope emerges – evidence that could discredit K.R.O.N.A – the Khristian Right of New Amerika – and having retrieved the evidence a group of creatures are scattered and forced to stay in hiding while the evidence is painstakingly uploaded to the Network, if they can stay alive long enough, which is where the film begins...

The press release adds, "Ironically prescient for these times after being 14 years in the making, Goodnight, Halloween is a thrilling stylish throwback to the creature films of the '80s VHS era – something that could have come from studio stables of New World or Empire Pictures – while combining elements of RoboCop’s mediabreak interludes and downbeat, cynical elements of John Carpenter’s work (especially with the Carpenter-esque score to the film – courtesy of Worthing composer Monzen Nakacho)."

Speaking of Nakacho's score, it's currently available for purchase on Bandcamp.

Take 15 minutes out of your day and watch Goodnight, Halloween below.