Throwback Slasher 'Bloody Summer Camp' Resumes Production, Now Funding on Indiegogo

Like many productions, filming for the 1980’s throwback camp slasher film, Bloody Summer Camp, was stopped due to COVID-19, but that did not stop the film's momentum.

Since the success of their original Kickstarter last June, where they raised over $12,000 for the film, they’ve recently managed to raise an additional $20,000 more on their latest Indiegogo campaign, which is now in demand and continues to increase.

Filming finished with Felissa Rose last summer. Felissa, best known for playing Angela in Sleepaway Camp and Kathleene in Victor Crowley, plays Camp Director Michelle Crowell.

And following the successful campaign, Slasher 15 productions announced the film's second celebrity star, Dave Sheridan. A master of disguise, Dave Sheridan is best known for his roles in Scary Movie, The Devil’s Rejects, Victor Crowley, Corky Romano and The Walking Deceased, and will now be featured in Bloody Summer Camp as the local sheriff.

Slasher 15 productions also announced the addition of Julie Anne Prescott (Julie Anne Philputt) who will be playing the sexy camp nurse at Camp Trustfall. Prescott is well known in the horror circuit with over 70 acting roles. She is best known for Teacher Shortage, As Night Falls, Clown Motel, Hell Nurse and the upcoming horror anthology Shriekshow.

Bloody Summer Camp is directed by David Kerr (Curse of the Slasher Nurse and Return of the Slasher Nurse) and produced by Amber Fulcher (Return of the Slasher Nurse), Michael McGlynn, and Jaime Weisman. Other notable cast include Cody Faulk, Kay Leahy, Mathew Sharpe, Brendan Lynch, Gretchen Settle, and Wayne Townsend.

Production resumed this month and the film is expected to be released in spring of 2021.


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