Throwback Slasher 'The Last Thanksgiving' Carves Up an Official Teaser

Updated: Oct 1

If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, you die.

The horror genre is certainly no stranger to holiday-themed films, but outside of films like Thankskilling and Blood Rage, Thanksgiving is one holiday that remains largely untouched. Well, writer/director Erick Lorinc plans to change that this year with The Last Thanksgiving, his feature debut.

In the film...

"A family of cannibalistic pilgrims attacks a restaurant that stays open for Thanksgiving."

The Last Thanksgiving stars horror genre favorite Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons), Madelin Marchant, Michael Vitovich, Robert Richards Jr. and Brandon Holzer.

The throwback slasher film will have its East Coast Premiere as a part of this October's all-digital Salem Horror Fest. Get your tickets today!

Sink your teeth into the official teaser below.

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