Tigersquawk Records And Goth-Ick/Unscene Build Compilation For Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council


Few names are as influential on horror fiction in all media quite like H. P. Lovecraft. The Providence native helped kick off a new era in “weird” fiction in the early twentieth century, with his seminal Cthulhu mythos being interpreted and interpolated by artists, musicians, and writers the world over. As such, his hometown has become something of a tourist attraction for gorehounds like you and I, with his legacy being carried out and built upon with the Lovecraft Arts & Sciences Council.

It’s been said a thousand different times in a thousand different ways what the era of Pandemia has done to tourism, and sadly, the LASC is not immune to these effects. Fortunately, the tag team of Tigersquawk Records and Goth-Ick/Unscene have put together a benefit compilation known as Putting The Stars Right, featuring over thirty different artists across all forms of dark alternative music. All proceeds will go to the LASC, in hopes of keeping them afloat during these - and I am over this phrase - unprecedented times.

The track and artist listing for the compilation is as follows:

1. Psyence Fiction - Terrible Old Man

2. Glenn Love - LuvKräftig

3. My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - Gold to Grey (Dream Machine Remix)

4. Batavia - Mercy’s Burning Heart

5. Y-LUK-O - Magnetar (PVD Mix)

6. Order of the Black Pyramid - Opening the Gate

7. Skull Cultist - Perfect Intergration

8. Klubovader - Void Warrant

9. Attrition - The Great Derailer (Fakzility Remix)

10. The Gothsicles - Gill Breathing

11. Injustrial - Fateweaver

12. The Unquiet Void - That Is Not Dead Which Can Eternal Lie

13. Transdusk - Its Starless Maw

14. Downcity Armory - Many Armed Many Eyed

15. Decent News - From Beyond

16. Chaos Bleak - Mythos

17. Death Party UK - The Dead of Night

18. Pitch Black Manor - Gone

19. FINAL - I am the dirt under your fingernails

20. Snowbeasts - Anticipation

21. Dual Image - Dormant Chambers

22. Solypsis - Re-animated (Wax Cylinder Version)

23. Flesh Eating Foundation - Behind Closed Doors

24. Khionik - Vaulted Beast

25. Gasoline Invertebrate - Maladaptive Dream Cult (Cathode Ray Tube Remix)

26. Mr. Zoth and the Werespiders - The Chthonic

27. Retribution Body - Dead, But Dreaming

28. Sugarplum Suicide - Rabbit Hole

29. The Difference Engine - This Violent Landscape (Innsmouth Look Version)

30. Fatigue - Buyer’s Remorse

31. Theologian - Island of Ignorance

Putting The Stars Right is available now on Bandcamp. Stream and/or purchase it below:


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