Tombs Evokes Supreme Vampiric Evil with "The Hunger" [Video]

As All Hallows’ Eve draws near, visions of monsters and otherworldly creatures populate the mind, perhaps the most lasting of which being the vampire. The blood-feasting beast has seen dozens of interpretations across all forms of media, and we can now add post-black powerhouses Tombs to the list of bands who have paid tribute to the original creatures of the night. Their newest music video for new track “The Hunger,” first premiered by Dread Central and itself borrowing the name of a vampire flick starring the one and only David Bowie, was compiled by Jaclyn Sheer, and features footage of the band intercut with scenes from iconic vampire cinema, from the olden days of Nosferatu to more modern movies such as Blade.

Musically speaking, this track is a departure from the previous two singles we’ve gotten from the upcoming Under Sullen Skies. While “Barren” and “Bone Furnace” were firmly black metal, “The Hunger” is a bit more in the black n roll category, rarely using so much as a double kick pattern in its four minutes of bloodletting. It’s a gruesome effort, and a strong one at that, but a marked departure from what we’ve been conditioned with thus far. It seems as if the band realizes that we are dealing with an entirely different beast than before, and wanted to make this sonically clear, as well as visually and lyrically.

Under Sullen Skies is slated for release via Season of Mist on November 20th. Pre-order the album here.

See the bloody video for “The Hunger” below: