[Trailer] A Corrupt Government Turns Survivors Into '5G Zombies' This May

5G Zombies Trailer

With Full Moon's bonkers exploitation horror-comedy Corona Zombies currently streaming on their channel and app, SCS Entertainment has now announced the outbreak of 5G Zombies, a horror anthology that's headed our way this May.

This one takes a jab at all of those conspiracy theorists out there who are claiming the brand new 5G masts are linked to the Coronavirus pandemic...

"In a world overtaken by a recent virus pandemic, all governments have conspired together to brainwash the remaining survivors using 5G cell service to create a new world order. Watch our world crumble from various perspectives…just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse!"

5G Zombies features segments directed by Dark Infinity (Nemesis 5, The Last Roommate) and John R. Walker (Amityville Playhouse, Ouijageist).

The film will be available on DVD and VOD May 1st, 2020. Check out the trailer below!