[Trailer] British Horror-Comedy Anthology Series "Dark Ditties" Now Streaming on Amazon Prime

Dark Ditties Now on Amazon Prime

Now streaming through Amazon Prime, the UK-based horror-comedy anthology series "Dark Ditties" is said to "tap into the devilish twists of the great Ealing thrillers, the who-done-it that flourished in the glory years of British film," while also adding "a wicked modern horror-comedy gloss."

Four episodes are currently available for instant streaming/purchase, with the fifth and sixth episodes said to be coming later in 2020.

"The Dark Ditties Universe is a unique, quirky horror-comedy anthology series of 45-90 minute episodes that run counter to the trend of narrative behemoths, catering to the growing trend of start to end stories that leave the viewer satiated on each showing and eagerly awaiting the next sitting," the producers told BritFlicks.com earlier this week. "Each episode nods to the last and winks at the one to come, offering subtle character links and streams that meander towards common tributaries for us all to spot and take pleasure in."

They add, "At the heart of each unique but interlaced Ditty is the importance of rich dialogue, characters that are at once endearing and loathsome in their naked humanity, steeped in frailties that are just waiting to be exploited in cunningly wicked twists that leave the audience open mouthed with delight."

The first four episodes are as follows:

Episode 1: "The Offer"

Seven strangers are invited to a party at a remote location by the mysterious Mr. Benoit. All have no idea who and why their benefactor has invited them. However, when they arrive at the house, the fun and excitement of potentially winning £10,000,000 soon turns to horror as each of the guests is disposed of in a gory and horrific fashion. Who is Mr. Benoit? and what really is his offer?

Episode 2: "Mrs. Wiltshire"

An elderly lady Mrs. Wiltshire is trapped in her house by the evil spirit of her deceased abusive husband. Despite her son Tony’s pleads to leave with him, Mrs. Wiltshire is torn between two choices, be imprisoned in the house or be free once and for all. A heartbreaking and disturbing tale of sacrifice and a mother’s love.

Episode 3: "Finders Keepers"

Two inept poacher brothers stumble upon a barely breathing man with a locked briefcase in the woods.

Episode 4: "The Witching Hour"

Samantha has been having nightmares about a dark figure called Tyberius Krane. Finally seeking help after years of rejection Samantha contacts Selwyn Parsons and Marvin La'Fantome, the hosts of paranormal TV 'The Witching Hour'.

"Dark Ditties" comes from Dead Mouse Productions and Cult Screenings UK Ltd, the teams behind the documentaries RoboDoc: The Creation of RoboCop, Pennywise: The Story of IT and You're So Cool, Brewster! The Story of Fright Night.

Watch the trailer below.