[Trailer] Chilean Horror 'Sendero' Hosting Exclusive World Premiere on YouTube

Following a successful festival run, the brutal Chilean horror film Path (aka Sendero), written and directed by Lucio A. Rojas, will have an exclusive live premiere today, Saturday, May 2nd, at 5PM EST on the YouTube channel Watch Movies Now!.

Part of the cast and crew will be connected answering questions throughout the course of the film.

In Sendero, Ana is a young woman who has just won a scholarship to study abroad. She decides to celebrate by traveling outside the city along with her friends. On the way, after helping a badly injured woman, they are kidnapped by a savage and cruel family that seems to work for a sinister power group in the rural region. In their attempt to escape, they will be forced to cross their own limits in order to survive, even if it means betraying among them.

The film stars Andrea García-Huidobro (The Maid) in the main role, Sofía García (Baby Shower), Diego Casanueva (Los 80), Javiera Hernández (Pacto de Sangre), Felipe Contreras (Amanda), Tomás Vidiella (La Memoria de mi Padre), Guillermo Alfaro (Zombie Dawn) Daniel Antivilo (To Kill a Man), Ximena del Solar (Trauma), Arielli Gutiérrez, Pamela Rojas (Zombie Dawn) and Jorge Godoy (The 33).

Rojas also directed the controversial and acclaimed Trauma (read my review), now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and is currently developing the thriller Casandra, an international co-production between Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

Watch the trailer for Sendero below.


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