[Trailer] Bloodthirsty Alien 'Creatures' Ruin Christmas in Tony Jopia's New Horror-Comedy

Post production has commenced on the Christmas-themed horror comedy Creatures from the director that brought us Cute Little Buggers and Crying Wolf, Tony Jopia, and the first trailer has now been unleashed.

The film features practical puppet work from the team behind "The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance" (Stitches and Glue), and is said to be perfect for fans of films like Night of the Creeps, Critters, Dead Heat, Ghoulies, They Live and Gremlins.

In the film, a group of astronomy students get more than they bargained for after finding an injured alien who is being targeted by a group of bloodthirsty alien creatures.

"Our passion lies in melding practical and visual FX. We aim to deliver on the goods by bringing together some creatively nasty SFX, tremendous puppet creature work and VFX work that will blow fans of action, horror comedies truly away," the filmmaking team said in a statement.

Creatures comes from the executive producer of The Hive (Romain Barbey), the creator of Good Tidings (Stu Jopia).

"Creatures is for all the fans of '80s pint sized creature feature movies. It really does has a bit of everything, action, comedy, sci-fi thrills and tonnes of gore, a true love letter to movies that I grew up with," said Stu Jopia.

The film was shot back in February in Oxfordshire, UK, and wrapped a couple of weeks before lockdown. Post production has continued in isolation.

Creatures will have a festive theatrical and physical release this Christmas 2020.

Watch the trailer below!


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