[Trailer] Horror Anthology '10/31: Part II' Presents a New Batch of Halloween Frights

One of my favorite Halloween-centric horror anthologies, 10/31 has just received a sequel with 10/31: Part II, and while the film has been up for grabs from Scream Team Releasing for quite some time, a brand-new trailer has just been unveiled.

"Creatures of the night awaken for this Halloween Monster Marathon hosted by Malvolia: The Queen of Screams (Jennifer Nangle), featuring more freaky flicks from a new batch of indie directors!"

The anthology features spooky tales such as a Halloween celebration turned deadly in “A Samhain Liturgy”, and something unholy in the basement desires a nun in “Sister Mary” (Tory Van Buskirk of Alone), otherworldly strangers need fresh meat in “Dead Lift” (Stephen Wolfe of Doll Factory), explore the difference between hatchets and tomahawks at the best Halloween party ever in “Apache Hatchet Massacre II” (Max Groah of Bong of the Living Dead) and a serial killer has a big problem in “Overkill” (Drew Marvick of Pool Party Massacre).

The film also features faux trailers from other indie filmmakers - “Treaters” (Zane Hershberger of Force to Fear), “Truck Squatch” (John Hale of The Conduit), “The Candy Taker” (Robert Lanphere of Cryptids) and “The October Kids” (Brett DeJager of BoneJangles)."

Watch the trailer below and head on over to Scream Team Releasing's site to snag 10/31: Part II on Blu-ray or VHS!


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