[Trailer] Metal Video Game 'Of Bird and Cage' Coming to PC in 2021

Developer Capricia Productions and publisher by All in! Games have announced during Gamescom that Of Bird and Cage, a metal music-driven adventure game featuring artists from some of the biggest rock and metal bands, will be released next year and also revealed an official trailer.

The game will be coming to PC in 2021. The developers have already hinted in the past that they are looking into a console release as well.

Of Bird and Cage is the first rock/metal album produced entirely as a story-driven narrative video game, aspiring to establish a new gaming genre of interactive musicals. The project features an array of well-known musicians like Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal (ex-Guns N' Roses) Rob van der Loo (Epica), Ruud Jolie (Within Temptation), Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Rocky Grey (ex-Evanescence), Davidavi 'Vidi' Dolev (Subterranean Masquerade), Kobra Paige (Kobra and the Lotus) and others.

"After 5 years of working on this game we are very excited to finally be able to share our trailer and to announce that the game is very close to release. While we don’t have an official date just yet, I can say that we are not just looking into 2021, but probably a very early release in 2021. The game is already completely playable, the music has been recorded and we are now focused on the last stages of polishing, bug fixing and some technical things," says Ben Shmuelof, Capricia's Co-Founder and the game’s producer. "While I’m obviously biased to just how great the game is, I can say that I couldn’t be more proud of our team and that I believe we have truly created something that has never been seen before. It’s new. It’s weird. It’s bold and I’m pretty sure gamers and heavy music lovers have never experienced anything like this."

Gamers and fans can visit Gamescom On-Line Indie Arena Booth, open until August 30, 11:59 PM (EST), to learn more about the project and they can already wishlist the game on Steam.


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