[Trailer] Gory 'Milfs vs. Zombies' Receiving Remastered Director's Cut DVD This June

Director Brad Twigg (Killer Campout, Shreikshow) is now taking pre-orders for a limited edition director's cut DVD release of Milfs vs. Zombies featuring a brand new edit with never before seen footage, new score by Matt Cannon (Clownado, Bonehill Road), new sound design, extensive color correction, new artwork, new special features, and more!

Set to release in June, an insanely gory new trailer has been unleashed, showcasing enough gut-munching mayhem to please any gorehound. Think Lucio Fulci's Zombie or Gates of Hell meets Shaun of the Dead, drenched in a charming Troma Films aesthetic.

In the film...

"A group of moms celebrating lady’s night are forced to fight for their lives when their quiet town is overrun by a ravenous horde of flesh eating corpses. Will they be able to meet up with their husbands, save their children who are away at summer camp and make it home in time for dinner?"

Milfs vs. Zombies stars Rosanna Nelson, Patrick Opitz, Andrea Marie, Matthew L. Furman, Jenny Jannetty, Chris O’Brocki, Brandy Peeples, James Balsamo, Lloyd Kaufman and Nadia White.

Check out the trailer below and pre-order your copy today!


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