[Trailer] Evil Enjoys the 'Sweet Taste of Souls' in Upcoming Social Thriller

Flying Dolphin Productions has premiered the new trailer for Sweet Taste of Souls, an upcoming social thriller from director Terry Ross.

In the film, "When four struggling indie band members stop at a lonely roadside café for an innocent slice of pie, they find themselves trapped in the deranged café owner’s tantalizing art collection and must battle a sinister force with an appetite for souls."

Ross describes Sweet Taste of Souls as "a unique exploration of the nature of evil, the lifelong damage of physical and emotional abuse, and the consequences of loneliness and isolation."

Written by Felicity Mudgett and produced by Bee Pedersen, the film stars Honey Lauren, Sarah J. Bartholomew, John Paul Salandria, Mark A. Valesiano and Amber Danielle Gaston.

Check out the trailer and poster art below, and stay tuned for an official release announcement.


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