[Trailer] Two Brothers Escape a Nightmare and Find Hell on 'The Long Dark Trail'

They escaped from a nightmare, just to enter into Hell.

Four Eighteen Films have released a new trailer for the psychological coming-of-age movie, The Long Dark Trail, written and directed by Kevin Ignatius and Nick Psinakis.

Described as Stand By Me meets Midsommar, the film follows two impoverished teenage brothers who flee after finally fighting back against their abusive father. Hoping to find and reunite with their estranged mother, they embark on a dangerous journey to rural Pennsylvania, little knowing that she has become a disciple of a sadistic cult that dwells there.

Nick Psinakis stars in The Long Dark Trailer alongside Carter O’Donnell, Brady O’Donnell, Mick Thyer, Trina Campbell, Paul "Doc" Ignatius, Charlotte Andersen, Willard Foley and Bryce Cummings.

Michael Kraetzer (Anonymous Animals) and Nicolás Onetti (What the Waters Left Behind) are associate producers.

The Long Dark Trail will be released by Black Mandala Productions following its current festival run. We're hoping to see a home video release sometime later this year.