'Two Minutes to Late Night' Assembles a Hardcore Supergroup for Rendition of Misfits' "Halloween II"

Around this time of year, one of the most fitting and prolific bands that gets simultaneously too much and not enough airplay are the punk legends Misfits. I mean, they know more than enough about Halloween to have written not one, but two songs on the holiday. Damn near every hard rock or punk band under the sun has covered the track, and thanks to late-night talk show Two Minutes to Late Night, we can add the members of a few more bands to that growing list.

For their latest bedroom cover, due to social distancing and all that jazz, this version of Misfits’ “Halloween II” brings together a who’s who of punk and hardcore music, including Integrity’s Dwid Hellion (and a guest appearance from his child Jacky), Incendiary’s Danny Lomelli, Liam Wilson of The Dillinger Escape Plan and Azusa, and Abby Rhine of Life’s Question.

Such a collection of musicians give the classic track a swagger and, somehow, an even greater sense of danger, and for a Misfits song, that’s a fucking accomplishment. It’s a punk rock rite of passage, and this ragtag bunch of - well, misfits - make the journey even more perilous, dare I say fun. Bonus points to Liam Wilson playing his bass in an actual graveyard, though I hope that doesn’t sic any spirits on him in the near future.

Watch the Two Minutes to Late Night take on “Halloween II” below:


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