'Two Minutes to Late Night' Bring Us A Maiden-Style "Dead Man's Party" With New Elfman Guitarist

As if hearing original solo, non-film score music from Danny Elfman for the first time in ages wasn’t good enough, the metal late night show Two Minutes to Late Night has you covered. Gwarsenio Hall and his crew have assembled another crack team of metal musicians to take on an undisputed classic, the Oingo Boingo staple “Dead Man’s Party.” The cover comes with a twist, as rather than keeping the faith and playing it straight, the assembly of these metallic Avengers play this interpretation in the style of Iron Maiden, and the result gallops into glory.

Driving this take on “Dead Man’s Party” are Rody Walker and Mike Ieradi (both of Protest the Hero and Mystery Weekend), Pete Griffin (Dethklok, Giraffe Tongue Orchestra) and Nili Brosh, who herself is the new guitar player for Elfman’s solo band. Her resume also includes Dethklok and The Iron Maidens. Even better is the knowledge that, according the video’s description, the folks at TMTLN didn’t know that Brosh was Elfman’s new guitar player until after her part was sent in, making for a Bob Ross-level of a happy accident.

Hear the epic take on the Oingo Boingo classic below: