University of Pittsburgh to Unveil George A. Romero Archival Collection On February 9th

The ever-famous Godfather of All Zombies George A. Romero may have passed on, but his legacy is quite alive and well.

At 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 9th, The University of Pittsburgh will unveil The George A. Romero Archival Collection. This virtual discussion, It Came from the Archives! Unearthed Treasures from the George A. Romero Collection, will be led by Horror Studies coordinator Ben Rubin and visiting researcher Adam Hart.

This event is FREE, but registration is required.

Unearthed scripts, treatments, production documents, photos, videos, and other priceless resources will supplement the understanding of even the most avid George A. Romero fans.

The event will also provide a look at collaborations with famed author Stephen King, as well provide unseen photos from the original Night of the Living Dead. As if that weren’t tantalizing enough, we’ll also get a look at shooting scripts used on set, complete with Romero’s own handwritten notes and revisions.

In an interview with The Pittsburgh City Paper, Hart states, “He was an astonishingly prolific, hugely creative artist who never stopped writing. Working independently and working from Pittsburgh, getting a movie funded and made was never easy.”

Hart adds, “It’s not just a more complete portrait of Romero than we’ve ever had before, it will alter our understanding of him as an artist,” says Hart. “Reading through the unmade drafts I’ve started to see similarities with his finished films — many of which started off, by the way, as radically different projects.”

During the event, Hart will talk about an early draft of Dawn of the Dead, which included a mysterious stranger with one eye and telepathic powers over the zombies and humans alike. We’ll also get a look at an earlier version of Martin that was created by Romero before deciding to make it a vampire flick.

Unbeknownst to many, Romero’s ambitions travelled far beyond horror fare. He also wrote comedies, Westerns, mysteries, children’s movies, sci-fi epics, and a ton of other unproduced works. He even started development on a superhero movie in the early 1980s alongside Jim Shooter, a Pittsburgh native who served as editor-in-chief at Marvel and Variant.

This collection comes from a large collection of materials given to the university by George Romero Estate and The George A. Romero Foundation in 2019.

This is truly a once in a lifetime chance to get an in-depth look at the genius we all loved. Whether you’re a zombie fan or just a casual horror enthusiast, I urge you not to miss out on this event.

Again: registration is required, and you can register at the Pitt Events website.

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