Upcoming Book 'Taking Shape II' Will Unearth Lost 'Halloween' Sequels You Never Saw

Taking Shape II Unmade Sequels Halloween

If you're a fan of the Halloween franchise, there's a good chance you already own and have read the phenomenal book, Taking Shape, which was released last year and covered the development of John Carpenter's horror classic and the entries that followed, "from script to scream."

The 400+ page book from authors Dustin McNeill and Travis Mullins was extensively researched and is the ultimate guide to the first forty years of Haddonfield history, from the original film to Rob Zombie's remake, and even Halloween 2018.

Now that we have a book that covers the films we have seen, a new one is in the works that'll uncover the unmade Halloween sequels we haven't!

"I don’t usually talk about my projects until they’re finished, but I’ve gotta say this somewhere. My co-writer Travis Mullins is freaking amazing," McNeill wrote on Facebook. "If you dug TAKING SHAPE, then you’re going to go crazy for TAKING SHAPE II. Come for the lost sequels you’ve heard about (like the H6 that Quentin Tarantino nearly produced – we’ve got a massive chapter on that one), but stay for the MANY lost Halloweens you never knew were in development. Top secret stuff that never went public.Travis has turned up some incredible finds."

McNeill also reveals that Taking Shape II: The Lost Halloween Sequels is planned for a "Late Summer 2020" release.

Check out the teaser image below and stay tuned for more details!