'Vigor' Supports Local Doctors with Stay Safe Charity Pack

Stay Safe Charity Pack Vigor

We all know times are rough as the world fights to stay safe and keep from spreading COVID-19. The gaming industry has rallied to the cause in many different ways and the developers behind the online shoot-and-loot Xbox One exclusive, Vigor, are working with their players to do their part.

Below is a message from Bohemia Interactive:

"Our Outlanders already know how to survive in post-war Norway, but the situation in real life has caused the world to adapt in a similar way. At Bohemia Interactive, we wanted a way to quickly and effectively help the brave people fighting on the front line. In response, we've developed the 'Stay Safe Charity Pack' for Vigor, which will be available from April 10th for a limited time."

"All profits will be donated to the University Hospital Brno, the biggest hospital in the city in Prague where our team is located, which was repeatedly hit by hacker attacks while facing the threats of the COVID-19 virus. The money will go to support the heroes who fight for the health and well-being of all of us."

Players who buy the "Stay Safe Charity Pack" will get a unique face-mask (seen above) for their in-game character to wear.

Now in its third season, Vigor will also be coming to Nintendo Switch later this year.