Vinegar Syndrome Gets 'Scared to Death' for New Blu-ray Release [Trailer]

One of the two secret Vinegar Syndrome releases during this year's "Halfway to Black Friday" sale, the monster mutant classic Scared to Death will finally make it's worldwide Blu-ray debut!

You can check out more details and a brand new trailer for the release below.

The first feature directed by acclaimed horror filmmaker William Malone (Creature), Scared to Death skillfully blends sci-fi and creature action with early slasher tropes all set against the grimy world of early 80s Los Angeles. Never given an official disc release and long relegated to muddy VHS copies, Vinegar Syndrome offers Scared to Death on Blu-ray in a beautiful new 4K restoration of its original 16mm camera negative, jam packed with newly produced extras!

Vinegar Syndrome explains, "This was one of our most challenging restorations in some time and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out...and are sure you'll love it too!"

In the film, "Ted Lonergan thought he had quit the force to pursue a career as a writer. But when someone - or something - begins stalking and viciously killing the residents of Los Angeles, Ted is asked to lend his expertise in uncovering the mystery assailant. However, things aren’t as simple as they appear, as Ted discovers that the predator he’s after is in fact a first of its kind, and a rapidly evolving genetically mutated organism known as the Syngenor. Enlisting the help of Sherry Carpenter, a scientist specializing in genetics, the unlikely duo start tracking the tedious mutant in the hope of destroying it before the body count continues to rise or even worse: before it breeds."

Blu-ray features:

  • 2-disc Region Free Blu-ray Set

  • Newly scanned & restored in 4K from its 16mm original camera negative

  • Commentary track with writer/director William Malone, actor Bryce 'Kermit' Eller and actress Diana Davidson

  • "Rise of the Syngenor" - a brand new making-of documentary featuring interviews with writer/director William Malone, actor Bryce 'Kermit' Eller, actress Diana Davidson, makeup supervisor James Suthers, effects artist Kevin Altieri, actor David Moses, actor Mike Muscat and actress Toni Jannotta

  • "The Locations of Scared to Death" - a featurette revisiting the locations with William Malone

  • Alternate cut and presentation of Scared to Death

  • Dracula Party - Scared to Death (music video)

  • Reversible sleeve artwork

  • English SDH subtitles

This special limited edition embossed slipcover (designed by Earl Kessler Jr. and based on the original UK Quad poster) is limited to 5,000 units and is only available at

Vinegar Syndrome's "Halfway to Black Friday" sale is live until tonight (May 30th) at 11:59pm, so hurry up and pre-order if you plan to do so!

Scared to Death will officially launch on Blu-ray later this year.


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