Vinegar Syndrome Bringing 'Memorial Valley Massacre' and 'Zombie 5: Killing Birds' to Blu-ray

Vinegar Syndrome Killing Birds Blu-ray September 2020

Vinegar Syndrome never cease to amaze us with the obscure films they dig up and restore for release, and they've this week announced their slate of Blu-ray titles for September 2020. The lineup features four brand new releases, including 1988’s Memorial Valley Massacre, and 1987’s Zombie 5: Killing Birds, as well as 1989’s Grave Robbers and 1988’s Spellcaster.

You'll find more details via the September newsletter below.

"Ruben Galindo Jr’s ultra gory, brain busting satanic slasher, Grave Robbers (Ladrones de Tumbas) will be making its worldwide Blu-ray debut, in a new 4K restoration of its camera negative! (Before anyone asks, yes, we know we already released a movie called Grave Robbers. This is a different one.)

Next, as we venture deeper into the MGM vaults, Robert Hughes’ killer-caveman slasher, Memorial Valley Massacre will be making its official disc debut, from a new 4K restoration of its camera negative!

And rounding out the month, Caludio Lattanzi’s disorienting gore-fest, Killing Birds (or, if you prefer, Zombie 5) will be making its worldwide Blu-ray debut, newly restored from its original negative!

But that’s not all! The first of our four new fall VSA titles is now up for pre-order. It’s Rafal Zeilinski’s wacky, Charles Band/Empire Pictures produced Spellcaster! Yearly & Halfway subscribers: the coupon code for this VSA release is listed on the product page."

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