'Voyage to Agatis', 'Be My Cat' and 'Tales to Tell in the Dark' Now Available on DVD via TetroVideo

Earlier this week, TetroVideo released three new titles, Voyage to Agatis, Be My Cat: A Film for Anne and Tales to Tell in the Dark, on limited edition DVD, and we've been provided with details on each.

Voyage to Agatis and Be My Cat: A Film for Anne are available in a limited Digipack edition of 150 and 100 copies, respectively, while Tales to Tell in the Dark comes in a ultra-limited and numbered edition of 100 copies with Bookbox including the DVD, a double-sided poster and two collectors cards.

Voyage to Agatis is a disturbing drama film by Marian Dora, the german filmmaker known for directing Cannibal and Carcinoma, while Adrian Tofei is the director of Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, an award winning found footage horror film. Lastly, the third TetroVideo december release is Tales to Tell in the Dark, a horror anthology film that consists of three short stories ("Reveniens", "A Snake with a Steele Tongue" and "Jinxed") about vengeful zombies and ghosts. The film is directed by Domiziano Cristopharo (Xpiation, Red Krokodil) and Lorenzo Zanoni (Ill: Final Contagium), and it's scored by Antony Coia (The Obsessed, Nightmare Symphony).


In Voyage to Agatis, "Rafael and Isabell,a wealthy couple of perverts, lure a prostitute to a seemingly innocent yachting cruise. Unfortunately, the girl will end up humiliated and violated. But, is this the end of her desperate nightmare?"

Special features include the short films Caribbean Sunrise, Subcimitero 2 and Erotic Fulfillment, an interview with Thomas Goersch and an original trailer.

In Be My Cat: A Film for Anne, "Adrian isan aspiring Romanian filmmaker who is obsessed with Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway. He goes to shocking extremes to convince the famous actress to star in his upcoming film."

Special features include extra scenes, a teaser trailer and the original trailer.

And Tales to Tell in the Dark features "Three tales of terror about zombies and ghosts presented by a rotten bishop. Three stories of vengeance, desperation and death."

Special features include a photo gallery, a "Making-of" featurette, "Tentori about Zombies" featurette and a trailer.