'Waltz' Trailer - A Content Creator's Biggest Fan Takes Their Obsession to Deadly Extremes

Grimm Sleeper Productions are nearing the release of their new psychological horror film Waltz, and have this week provided us with the first official trailer. Check it out below!

"Waltz tells the story of Alice, a young woman who turns to an erotically-charged social media site to make ends meet after losing her job. But when an avid fan takes things too far, Alice finds herself in a fight for her life."

"Deep within her tormentor's lair, both victim and monster will be confronted with the truth of who they really are, and how far each of them will go in this murderous dance..."

Waltz is the first feature from award-winning screenwriter and director Joshua D. Maley, who also produced and edited the film.

The film stars British actress Hannah Keeley (Inverted, No Game Like Foxes), Pittsburgh favorite David Dietz (Endgame, Death from Above, Indemnity), and up-and-comer Hattie Baier (Savannah, See Me, Time Sick).

An early preview screening is in the works at Freddy's Haunts, a Pennsylvania-based haunted attraction where the cast and crew filmed for nearly three weeks last year.