Watch New Episodes of Zombie Action Series "Death Squad" On Demand for Free!

In a time where many quarantined individuals and families are turning to streaming and On Demand services in order to pass the time, it's nice to know where to find quality content on the cheap, or in this case free!

That's right, brand new episodes of Dan Goldman and Harut Shatyan's zombie action series "Death Squad" are now streaming entirely free on Amazon, Roku and Stirr, as well as on both the Popstar! app and website.

Filmed in Yerevan Armenia, "Death Squad" follows five ex-military zombie ass-kickers sent to eliminate a viral outbreak in an offline bio-lab and of course, all hell breaks loose.

While it's undoubtedly an indie effort, "Death Squad" is certainly worth a look if your looking for something to pass the time without spending a cent!

The series stars Mike Ferguson (Tales from the Campfire 3, Los Angeles Shark Attack), Mike Markoff (Stolen Season), Josh Han (Destination Unknown), David Chandler, Elyssia Koulouris, and Liana Avetisyan.

Check out a scene from the series below.


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