Watch the Gruesome Opening Scene from Keith Robinson's 'Sniper Corpse' [Video]

Sniper Corpse Opening Scene

Just last year, I had the pleasure of reviewing a little indie feature titled Sniper Corpse from director Keith Robinson. Like any smaller budget film, Sniper Corpse needs all the attention it can get, and to entice our readers to give it a watch, we've been provided with the film's bloody opening scene.

Watch it below along with other gruesome clips on the Other Dimension Films YouTube channel!

In the film, unscrupulous politicians and mad genius of sorts, Dr. Craybrick (Tony Eccles), have secretly been resurrecting British soldiers killed in combat to use them for top secret missions. However, Diane Keely (Eleri Jones), the widow of one of the undead soldiers, is determined to uncover the truth behind the conspiracy. One of the resurrected soldiers offers to help her uncover the truth on the condition that he is given a proper burial, which has disastrous consequences for everyone involved…

As I stated in my review, I urge you to give Sniper Corpse the chance to impress you, just as I did. With a little more fine tuning and a bigger budget, I believe Keith Robinson has some serious franchise potential on his hands.

Sniper Corpse is now available on Blu-ray and DVD via the Other Dimension Film website, as well as on Amazon Prime Video.