Well Go USA Has Acquired 'Train To Busan' Follow-Up 'Peninsula'

Well Go USA Acquires Peninsula Train to Busan

Released on home video by Well Go USA back in 2017, Yeon Sang-ho's Train To Busan brought new life to the zombie subgenre with its terrifying undead hordes and heartfelt story, and it's rather fitting we've now learned (via Screen Daily) that Well Go has acquired the follow-up film, Peninsula, ahead of the EFM in Berlin!

It's worth noting, even though it's already being called a "sequel" by certain outlets, director Yeon Sang-ho recently stated "Peninsula is not a sequel to Train to Busan because it’s not a continuation of the story, but it happens in the same universe."

"Peninsula takes place four years after the outbreak of zombies that were chasing protagonists on a train speeding south to Busan. The Korean peninsula is devastated and Jung-seok, a former soldier who has managed to escape overseas, is given a mission to go back and unexpectedly meets up with survivors."

The film is budgeted at roughly twice Train To Busan’s $8m and stars top actor Gang Dong-won (1987: When The Day Comes) with Lee Jung-hyun (The Battleship Island).

It's safe to assume that, while the film sold under the title Peninsula, Well Go USA will most likely slap the Train to Busan moniker on it in some way or another.

Yeon’s prequel to Train To Busan, the animated feature film Seoul Station is currently streaming on Shudder and is set on the day before the Train To Busan events happen.

Train to Busan Peninsula Poster