All Practical Werewolf Flick 'Fang' Gets A New Trailer Ahead Of Final Festival Run

Updated: Feb 25

Directed by Adam Steigert (A Grim Becoming, Ombis Alien Invasion), the all-practical effects werewolf thriller Fang is gearing up for its second and final festival run, and celebrates the occasion with a brand new trailer!

In the film, "Two couples, each en route out of town for their own reasons, wind up crossing paths and head to the closest house in town. As dusk sets in, they must fight for survival in a secluded house of horrors. Hosted by an eccentric caretaker, the Crowley’s are an odd couple with a hidden secret behind lock and key. As the clock strikes ten, all exits are locked and the visitors find themselves trapped in a dog pen of werewolves. They must make a decision, stay and fight or try and escape before they are all dinner."

Fang stars Melodie Roehrig (The First Purge), Gregory Blair (Garden Party Massacre), Jennie Russo (Night of Something Strange), Jason John Beebe (Sharknado 2: The Second One) and Melantha Blackthorne.

The film's 2020 festival submissions include Calgary Horror Con, Toronto Indie Horror Festival, Horror ShowFest, Sin City Horror Fest, Northeast Wisconsin Horror Film Festival, Montreal Requiem Fear Fest, Be Afraid Horror Fest, Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival, Dead All Day Horror Film Festival and Shockfest Film Festival.

Amazon exclusively released Fang on Streaming, Blu-ray and DVD last October for those horror fans that need to sink their "fangs" into a hardcopy of the film.

It's also worth mentioning that Fang shares the same monster universe with this year's release of 388 Studios' The Horrific Evil Monsters, which is currently in post-production with a planned 2020 release date.


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