"What We Do in the Shadows" Star Harvey Guillén Hosts Companion Podcast 'Behind the Shadows'

Formally titled After the Shadows, the "What We Do in the Shadows" after show, hosted by series star Harvey Guillén, has made its return as a brand-new and "revamped" podcast called Behind the Shadows.

Podcast network Straw Hut Media has teamed up with Guillén for the companion podcast that looks behind the scenes of the hit FX series, which is now in its fourth season. Each episode focuses on stories and insights about the latest episode of the show.

"Listeners can tune into Behind the Shadows every week for hilarious conversations between host Harvey Guillén and different stars of the show."

As of this week, eight episodes of the show have been released by Hulu and FX, and the podcast followed suit with an amazing lineup of guests, including Kristen Schaal ("Flight of the Conchords", "Bob’s Burgers"), who plays The Floating Woman on the show, Anoop Desai (former "American Idol" finalist), who joined the cast most recently and plays Djinn, and comedian Fred Armisen ("SNL", "Portlandia"), who plays Richie Suck’s new familiar Tom Schmidt.

Harvey Guillén is the perfect guide for fans that crave the inside stories and jokes that only the cast of such a hysterical show can share. A foundational character, Guillén plays Guillermo de la Cruz, the bodyguard and former human familiar with the vampire Nandor.

The podcast is available to download and stream on all major platforms. The first three episodes dropped on July 21st, 2022, and future episodes will be released weekly for the remainder of Season Four.