'Willy's Wonderland' Gets Wild New Trailer Ahead of Impending VOD Release

Full disclosure, I’ve watched the trailer for this film several times now, and for two reasons. First, it’s a fun trailer and I’m genuinely excited for this movie. Second, I’m still not sure I comprehend what in the animatronic fuck is happening.

Whether you’re waiting out of genuine anticipation or morbid curiosity, 2020 came and went without much news in the way of the long-awaited Five Nights at Freddy’s film, though the wildly popular game series saw a Nintendo Switch port for Help Wanted, as well as a new title Security Breach for the PS5. The closest and most recent thought to an animatronic-based horror movie would be 2019’s The Banana Splits Movie, which took the beloved Hanna-Barbera kids show and went “Hey, what if these things were not only sentient, but went on a vengeful murder spree?”

Tra la la, tra la-la la… OK, that got away from me.

As if this concept hasn’t been nearly overdone before it’s properly kicked off, director Kevin Lewis and writer G. O. Parsons are bringing us another tale of beloved childhood icons gone horribly wrong, as their film Willy’s Wonderland is set to be released in just a couple of weeks. The film follows The Janitor (Nicolas Cage), who assumes that role after his car breaks down in a nothing town. During his night of burden, he discovers that this abandoned family fun center has some skeletons in its closets, and soon The Janitor finds himself with more than he ever bargained for.

The film also stars Emily Tosta (Mayans M.C., The Resident), Beth Grant (Donnie Darko, No Country for Old Men), and David Sheftell (Days Gone).

I’m not sure that any explanation or commentary on the trailer can do it justice, so Willy’s Wonderland hits VOD on February 12th via Screen Media Films. Check out the new trailer below:


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