'Wrong Turn' Reboot Gets New Trailer and February VOD Release Date

Tomorrow is the big day for the re-imagining of Wrong Turn, as it will see a one night only theatrical release on Tuesday, January 26th. Unlike some modern horror remakes, this one is keeping in (blood)line with its source material to some degree, as it was hit with a hard R rating for “strong bloody violence, grisly images, and pervasive language.”

Though there’s yet to be a sign of series regular Three Finger, the film, subtitled “The Foundation” in some markets, will instead feature a cult of sorts who call the mountains their home, after their ancestors broke away from society in the 19th century. A new trailer from distributor Signature Entertainment shows a few gruesome traps, including a log trap that I sincerely hope results in someone getting timbered.

Also in this trailer is the release date for VOD: February 26th, one month after the single-night theatrical release. So if you’re not up to going to an in-person experience, you need only wait one month to rent the digital film and experience it yourself.

Saban Films distributes this one, and Alan McElroy, the writer of the 2003 original, returned to write this installment. Mike P. Nelson (The Domestics) directs.

See the new trailer for the Wrong Turn reboot below: