Zoom Horror Smash 'Host' Gets VHS Release Via Witter Entertainment and Broke Horror Fan

“A product of its time” is not the backhanded compliment one thinks it may be when talking about the video call visual horror that was Host, which set the horror world aflame when it dropped on Shudder this summer. In his review, our own Chase Will says that the film “utilizes every aspect of Zoom as a framing device, and it does so in a way that’s actually scary.”

Read his full review here if you haven’t already.

Though the film is streaming on Shudder and AMC+, physical media aficionados may already be chomping at the bit for the film’s February 2nd DVD and Blu-Ray release via RJLE Films, but for those really looking to cross the technological streams, Witter Entertainment, in conjunction with Broke Horror Fan, are releasing Host on a limited edition VHS. A total of 100 copies will be made, with 75 bearing artwork by Neil Fraser, and the other 25 of those featuring a special limited art variant, done by Eileen Steinbach.

The VHS will be available to purchase at 12pm EST on the Witter Entertainment website. It has been licensed by RJLE Films, and approved by the film’s director, Rob Savage.

In the odd case that you've not heard anything about this film, check out the trailer below, and stream in on Shudder at your earliest convenience. It's an hour well spent, and somehow the entire horror world seems to agree on that fact.