[Trailer] 'Scream' Fan Film 'Ghostface' Will Hunt Down The Series Remaining Survivors

August 24, 2018

While you wait on news about MTV's Scream Season 3, here's an upcoming fan film to tide you over!


What if there was someone else waiting in the shadows? What if there was someone else waiting to put on the mask? From Writer/Director Brandon A. Tobatto comes a short fan-film that takes place within the infamous world of Scream, a franchise pioneered by the late great Wes Craven. The film will take a new look at the franchise and explore a few possibilities as to where it could go, should there EVER be an official sequel. 


In the film, six years after Woodsboro's most recent 'Stab' massacre, a new killer has seemingly emerged from the shadows, intent on tracking down the three remaining survivors from the original 1996 incident and carrying on the infamous legacy of the ever-changing masked murdered known as 'Ghostface.


The 20-minute short film will release on YouTube and Amazon Prime on August 31st and will star Shanna Ammons, William Butler, and possibly more!



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