Lakeshore Records To Release Gavin Brivik's Hypnotic Score For Netflix Original 'CAM'

November 15, 2018

Lakeshore Records will digitally release the pulsating soundtrack for the Netflix Original film, CAM Tomorrow, November 16th. Further details and a purchase link are listed below.


"What does it sound like when a computer dreams, and what does it sound like when it has a nightmare?" That was the central question director Daniel Goldhaber and composer Gavin Brivik explored for the CAM score.


"We wanted it to begin in a dreamy, synthy, girl pop, fairytale-like dreamworld and then descend into a percussive, distorted, digital nightmare. We wanted this score to be a collage of sound, ranging from the organic instruments that represent the real world, to the synthesized sounds of our protagonists' online reality. We spent months looking for new sounds to reflect the uniqueness of this world."


Acting as a single sonic landscape, the score incorporates elements from Michael Bucuzzo's sound design to create a totally immersive, uniform audio architecture. Just as CAM questions where realities collide, Brivik's captivating score blurs musical boundaries immersing you completely into Alice's world.


Link for purchase:



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