Messed Up Puzzles Launch Line Of Horror Jigsaw Puzzles, Including 'The Beyond'

January 4, 2019

After decades of leaving their imprint on grindhouse screens and basement TVs, three beloved horror and exploitation classics are now springing to new life in jigsaw form. Cannibal Holocaust, Pieces, and The Beyond have been torn, hacked, and gouged into 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles, courtesy of the fittingly named Messed Up Puzzles.


This first series of collector’s edition puzzles is officially licensed from Grindhouse Releasing co-founder and Academy Award-winning film editor Bob Murawski. "This is one of the coolest products we've been involved with," says Murawski. "A beautiful, high-quality collectible, dripping with delirious details."


Created by horror fans and jigsaw puzzle junkies who were sick to death of the bloodless landscapes and placid, airbrushed critters that grace so many puzzles, these NSFW boxes full of unassembled artwork should come as a blood-soaked relief to like-minded deviants.


Each Messed Up Puzzle features nothing but the goods. A decorative, removable obi wraps each box, but the puzzles themselves are just eye-popping film art without titles, credits, or any other cheats; unless where noted.


Stay tuned for the announcement of new Messed Up titles in 2019.


For more information or to order you own Messed Up Puzzles, visit the official website.


*Pieces and Cannibal Holocaust have been censored for "at work" viewing, see the uncensored versions on the Messed Up Puzzles website.





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