Never-Before-Printed 'Lost Boys' Posters Are Being Released For The First Time!

May 28, 2019

Creating an iconic movie poster is no simple task, artists sometimes create dozens of concept designs before landing on the right one. The late poster artist John Alvin was responsible for creating many beloved movie posters from the '80s, including E.T., Gremlins, and the film we're here to talk about today, The Lost Boys.


Before Alvin created the Lost Boys poster that we all know and love, he came up with a handful of unused concept designs, and three of them will soon be released to the public for the very first time!


As reported by io9, The Bottleneck Gallery, along with Justin Ishmael and the estate of Alvin, are releasing not one, not two, but three posters Alvin did while working on The Lost Boys, all of which have never been released before!


The site notes that two of images will be released at a screening of The Lost Boys in New York City on Friday, May 31st. The third is an online exclusive release and will go on sale (along with any prints remaining of the first two posters) next Tuesday, June 4th on Bottleneck’s website. Bottleneck and Ishmael will also release prop replica comics of Vampires Everywhere and Destroy All Vampires, as seen in the film.


Visit io9 for more details!




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