"Nightwalkers" Stakes Its Claim As Australia's First Vampire Series

December 22, 2019

Now streaming entirely free on ABC Comedy's YouTube channel, Adrian Castro's "Nightwalkers" is Australia's very first vampire series that acts as a love letter to the horror films of the '80s, blending comedy, horror, and action seen in films like The Lost Boys and Fright Night.


The series follows Sam (Taylor Davis) and Charlie Corey (Georgina Neville), a pair of vampire slaying sisters. With the increase of Vampire related activity in Western Sydney, the slayers discover the Master of the city is on the hunt for ancient artifact that would give any vampire invincible powers The slayers race against time to stop a vampire apocalypse.


"Nightwalkers" features a cameo appearance by genre-favorite Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Devil's Rejects, From Beyond) and actor Bee Cruse stars as indigenous vampire, another landmark first for Aussie cinema. Cruse also served as series producer.


Nick Annas, Clariza Vicente, Aaron Dickerson, Nancy Trieu and Sam Davey also star.


Those of you in Australia can watch the series via ABC iview.


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